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Shigang Jingcheng Equipment Development & Manufacturing Co., Ltd
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Complete Machine

Complete Machine

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 1. Achievement

  1.1 Cold rolling mill

  Double stand cold mill: 1450 rolling mill

  Single stand cold mill:1450 rolling mill, 1550 rolling mill

  Cold tandem rolling mill: 950 Four stand tandem mil、1150 six stand tandem mil 、1250 five stand tandem mill

  Temper mill :1150 double stand mill、1100 single stand mill、1450 single stand mill

  1.2 Hot rolling mill

      Heavy and medium plate mill :3800 heavy and medium plate mill

  Temper mill :1450 temper mill unit

  Others:Roller table (including section mill), cooling bed and etc. (including section mill)

  1.3 Converter

   40T converter, 45T converter, 80T converter, 100T converter, 120T converter

 2. Advantage

  2.1.We have a professional assembly team of 50 people, most of the assembly fitters, plumbers (containing
  argon arc welders) participated in equipment assembly of the major domestic steel mills, and with rich
  experience of on-site installation and field service.  

  2.2.We have abundant assembly room which allows two sets of rough and finish 3800 mills and other small mills assembly at the same time. Single crane ability is 350 ton.
  2.3.With highly accurate machining and strict assembly, equipments we have supplied all succeed in the first commissioning for the field installation record till now.

  2.4.Our company has produced more than ten sets of converters till now, all parts machining, assembly and field installing and welding are all finished by our own team, which can make sure the whole project quality are well in control.

 3. Cooperative Partners

  SMS Group, Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation, Beijing Tippens, China Non-ferrous Metals Processing Technology, Youfu Sheet and etc.