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Shigang Jingcheng Equipment Development & Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Mill Rolls

Mill Roll

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 1. Cold work roll, intermediate roll blank

We has ability to produce electrode blank from continuous casting billet and ingot, we use converter smelting (steel scrap 5%-15% ) which can javascript:void(0);provides more pure molten steel. After the VD process, the gas content can be controlled very low. The company used 20 tons electroslag furnace for smelting with argon shield all the process to ensure gases content in effective control.

With 20MN or 80MN forging press, the products get sufficient pressure compaction, and at the same time high temperature diffusion was used before forging process. Normalizing, hydrogen diffusion, spheroidizing annealing process after forging are taken, which ensures whole roll billet quality.

 2. Back-up Roll

The final heat treatment achieved by QT and different temperature quenching process. Hardness of roller body and neck is very good controlled, and the hardness difference of roller body is controlled within 2HSD. There is almost no soft band. Roll service life is greatly extended.